Monday, March 29, 2010

Get The Word Out About Your Biz

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Funnel Traffic to Your Site Via Article Directories

Content is one of the main reasons people keep coming back to the Internet. Providing the information they seek can lead readers back to you again and again. If you are a writer, use your skill to promote your website through article directories and if you’re not, you can still hire someone to help you!reading content online

Article directories are places where website owners can go to find useful content in their niche. People simply surfing the web can also find this content during their topic searches.

The easiest way to create content is to write about something that you know – your niche market. Within those parameters you have plenty to work with. You can write about business issues: starting a business in your niche, defining your niche and promoting your business, write articles that relate to your niche and that give your readers quality content.

Keys to Driving Traffic Your Way

• Always have an engaging headline. Include the same keywords that you use on your website. Articles that include steps or processes catch a reader’s eye. Why? They usually include bulleted points or numbered steps which are easy to skim or read quickly. Reader’s like to get their information in as useful a format as possible.

• Use keywords throughout the article. For an article of 400-500 words, a particular keyword can be mentioned about six or seven times to be effective and not considered “keyword stuffing.” For maximum effect, if you have more than one keyword you want to use, write a separate article for each.

• Submit your content to popular article directories. Some people may have their favorite sites like or to find helpful information. There they can search within the site to find helpful articles. If you are there with your expertise in the form of submitted articles, they will find you. Once they have some information from you they can use and trust, the chances of them following through to your website to learn more increase.

• Use your bio box. This is one of the most helpful tools for free website promotion when writing and submitting articles to directories. Here, you have a chance to tell others what you want them to know about you and your business. And, you can include links to your website here for readers to follow.

Even with audio and video showing up more and more, written content is still royalty on the Internet. Drive traffic your way by submitting quality content to popular article directories, along with those other types of content for maximum exposure.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Just Launch It

Just Launch It

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I wanted to let you know about a HUGE complimentary event that I am a speaking at and I will be talking about Face. The Just Launch It Event is all about helping you over the hurdles in launching a business or re-launching your business with success and grace. There are 10 Entrepreneurs and Experts who started out just where you are and each are providing incredible information you don’t want to miss.

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At the Just Launch It Event, you will learn about 5 key areas:

1. FOCUS: Align your passion and purpose with your business idea
2. FACE: Find your target audience and learn how to approach them
3. FOUNDATION: Discover how to build a solid base for your business to grow
4. FINANCIAL: Learn the key elements for financial success and how to set them up
5. FREEDOM: Unravel the mystery of taking the leap from employee to entrepreneur FULL-TIME
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Pool Your Resources, Get Noticed

Just like exercise, business marketing is cumulative. Each effort, though small, builds on the ones before for a magnificent result. As you work to get yourself known in the Internet business world, it may be time to capitalize on the resources and knowledge of others in the form of business partnerships.

Going into business with others can be scary but it can also be quite profitable. Once you begin getting your name out there and building relationships with others, you’ll find people will start seeking you out for your information. Before long, you’ll have requests for any number of things beneficial to your website. Many won’t cost you a dime, but will still create exposure and advertising.
Two ways that you might find to do so are via guest blogging and joint venture giveaways. You can find bloggers who are in your niche and offer to guest blog for them. This gives you exposure and showcases your expertise.

You can guest blog for a day, a week or two, or even on a continual basis. Depending on the blog owner, you may get a byline where you can list your website link. If they allow links in your blog posts (where relevant), then use them to promote your websites, blogs, and products or services.

Guest blogging is a two-way street. You can ask others to guest blog for you too. They will, in turn, let their readership know where they were will be appearing and that means extra promotion for your website and blog too!

Partnering with others can also be a great idea. One of the ways you can do so is through joint venture giveaways. To become a contributor, you have to be invited to participate. With the giveaway event, you offer a free gift to members who sign up to come to the event. To receive your free gift, members have to visit your website and sign up to your list to gain access.

Not only are you getting your name out there with the members but also with the other contributors. One stipulation of your contributor status is to promote the event. Through the other contributors, you’re also getting some free promotion for your own website. Members who enjoy the information available at these giveaways will most likely share with those they know who would be interested as well.

Through these and similar events you open the door to relationship building again and again. Business associates may find that partnering with you again is advantageous to both them and you. As with any partnership, each half will bring strengths the other person may not possess. For instance, if you have a product, but lack the technical resources necessary to increase your marketing efforts for it, try partnering with someone who may not have a product but can handle the more technical aspects of the partnership.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Start your Work At Home Career

Mom, Here’s How You Can Start a Work at Home Career

Thanks to the rising costs of daycare and transportation and the desire to have a parent home with the children, today many moms choose to work from home. This arrangement is sometimes called “telecommuting”, and it allows parents the opportunity to set up a workspace in their homes to earn a living instead of having to leave the home daily.

They might also choose to start their own businesses, instead of working for another company. Working from home is rising popularity and the Internet is offering many different types of careers and business opportunities to moms. And for proof that the work at home dream is possible, be sure to check out the success tips from moms just like you in the Full Time WAHM eBook.

So how can you start a work at home career? This is a frequently asked question that can lead to a lot of confusion about on where to start. Here are just some of the work from home careers currently available to moms:

· Party Consultant (beauty, health, jewelry, home decor, adult, etc.) We all know about companies like Avon and Tupperware, but there are so many more opportunities for moms and they are still a popular way to earn an income. From home and garden products, to jewelry and makeup and even adult novelties, home party plans are great ways for moms to work from home. Earnings vary by company and commission schedule.

· Virtual Office Service. Are you a people person who likes to do customer service and to provide other office services? Then a client service job might be perfect for you. Many large firms are hiring Mom’s to work from home answering customer calls and providing other office support virtually. These jobs can pay between $8-12+ an hour. You can also start you own business providing customer service directly to clients and increase the amount you charge per hour.

· Selling on Auction Sites or Craft Boards. Many Moms sell their unwanted items on auction sites like or sell their crafts on boards like for a source of income. If you are a creative person who enjoys making beautiful things or you want to earn a little extra money for the clothes your kids outgrow, why not sell them!

· Starting on Online Business. The Internet offers the chance for you to create just about any type of business they desire. Whether it’s creating an information-packed website that helps others (and earns money through advertising and selling products for commissions), creating your own products or selling products at wholesale, the choice is yours.

There are any number of opportunities just waiting to be tried by enterprising Moms looking for fulfillment and extra money.

Recommended Additional Resource:

Working from home doesn’t come without it’s challenges. Learn from 21 moms just like you have been there, done that. Full Time WAHM provides practical mom-to-mom advice on who to balance work & home and how to turn into a work at home success.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

How Is A Blog Good For My Business?

It isn't long after you start your business before you hear people begin to tell you, it's a good idea to get a blog started. Unfortunately, some times people don't tell you why or are only able to give you a sketchy idea why. How is blogging why. How is blogging helpful to your business, particularly if the business is offline or when you are a service provider, like a belly dancer who belly dancer who performs at private functions for example.

Here are some ways having a blog could help generate more interest, leads or bookings.

It Exhibits Your Expertise

It is alright to put up videos and pictures on web pages to show others what yo to show others what you can do for them, but I'll bet you have more and newer videos and snap shots. Also, some orders are unique. These are all good reasons to show off and what better way than to use blog because it is so easy to update. A belly dancer can display videos where a client has requested something unique which forced her to think outside the box and come up with some creative choreography.

It Can Demonstrate How You Will Solve Client Problems

You know the old saying, people buy solutions, not productons, not products or services. You can explain this on a regular web page but on a blog, it all becomes more believable, more tangible.

It Shows You Are Actively Using Your Skills

If you are currently working with clients, any post you make about your job is a good testimonial. It shows that there are people who already trust you to do what you claim you will do. Better still if your customer can contribute to your blog or allow you to quote them.

You Can Get To Know Your Prospects And They Get To Know You

This is true particularly when you offer a service because people usually want to work with others whom they can get along with. Because a blog is interactive, through the comments people can begin to experience you and get a feel of how the company handles their customers.

It Can Help Increase Website Traffic

When you write good, content that is relevant and also promote it, people will take notice. When they do, they are more likely to share it on their own blog and their social networks and even decide to email it to their newsletter subscribers. All good ways to get fresh traffic.

It Can Reduce The Need To Answer Questions Over And Over

There are questions in every business that people tend to ask again and again. Whenever you answer these questions on your blog, you help your prospects out by giving them the information they are seeking, you plant the seed of trust, you add fresh content to your website, stuff that search engines and people alike love. And finally, you reduce your work because now you don't have to type your answer again and again.

Blogging can be a quite rewarding. The down side is, keeping it going with fresh new content can be tough. Private label articles are OK but you still have to re-write them. The people at Blog Energizer have an alternative idea. Blogging prompts. Sometimes what you need is a jump start. Instead of staring at a blank computer screen, prompts help you write 100% original content. Blog Energizer provides you with 30 blogging prompts every month, one for every day of the month. They will also help you promote your posts, contests or any viral report you may have. Worth taking a look at.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are you networking with other moms?

If you have been searching online for work at home opportunities, you have probably come across several websites, message boards and forums. These message boards and forums will allow you to meet and network with other WAHMs (work at home moms) across the world.

Networking online with other moms on message boards is very easy! Find a forum that you like, register an account and post an introduction message right away. Let the other moms know where you are from and what you want to accomplish with working at home. The women you meet there will provide you with advice on how to start a business, information on a wide variety of subjects, employment opportunities, and they will be more than happy to lend an ear when you need to complain about a bad day.

Start reading other people’s posts – you will notice that there is a section where the poster can list their business website. Visit the different websites – eventually you will find a few work at home moms that have businesses similar to the type you would like to start. Send them a message and let them know you admire their business and ask for advice on how you can get started in the same type of field.

Keep reading and replying to posts regularly; you will find that people have questions about things you are an ‘expert’ in. By building relationships and establishing credibility, people will come to you when they have a need for the product or service you provide.

Seek out the services of other home based moms when you need help with something. If you have done business with a certain mom, recommend her services to others when they need them! Your work at home friend will appreciate your help and will recommend your services to other people.

Eventually, someone new to the WAHM community will seek you out and ask for your advice on how to get started. Take them under your wing and show them a few helpful pointers. You may not be able to pay back all of the mothers who have helped you with your business, but you can definitely pay it forward by helping others!


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