Friday, March 28, 2008

Is there anyone else

Is there anyone else out there in my shoes? Are you trying to work from home while caring for you children? What tricks do you have?
My oldest is doing well giving me time while the youngest naps. I still get lost in my work and stay at the computer too long.
I sometimes get so impatient and wish it could all be done. What if I stayed up all night, nope not good for the kids.
Today was a good day and we got alot done, but I always want to do more. My project is moving right along and I am working on the secondary one (with my husband).

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Date night at home

We are in the middle of another week and we are moving along swiftly. The everyday trials are still there. Throw in a couple birthdays and Easter and I just might have a breakdown. HaHa
I have started making a daily list of what needs to be done. I have a problem of a few to many calendars in the house, events keep getting put on different calendars. So now I have my daily to do list with everything on it. Somethings get carried over from day to day (like cleaning) but atleast I have an idea of what needs to be done. I am always trying to find better ways to do things at home.
When you have two kids and you and your husband are trying to work, it generally leads to not much time to go out. The Restaurant (copycat) Recipes cookbook comes in handy bringing that restaurant feel home. You can have great food at home and make a special night of it. It doesn't take much and can make you feel like you had a "break". It always saves you a little money in the process. Check out this cookbook Click Here!

Monday, March 10, 2008

You can work from home

Well here we are it's week two and I am still working hard. I did alot of classified ads today. We may have a new product to sell soon. We are in discussions with a producer of a car product. That would be great to have something to sell that isn't all over the internet already and part of someone else's "plan". I have signed up for alot of those paid to read email sights. I have gotten some money from those and from surveys, but it isn't much or very often. Money is money though and every little bit helps. Going strong and working hard. It takes time to get out there and do the work that needs to be done. More and more everyday, you have to find something new to work on and keep up with the work you have already done. It is a great help to be organized in your bookmarks, emails, and home office.
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Another day in the life

We are still chugging along and having fun. We are still working the system and trying to go along. It's going to take some time. Although I did get a mystery shopper job today. So I have gotten some revenue in the first 2 weeks. Its going to be slow going, as I am trying not to invest any more monines until I starting making money. There is alot more work to and not enough hours in the day. I tend to get enveloped in this work and my boys start running rampant. Then I feel like the rest of my "job" goes undone and I rush around at night trying to get it all done. I need to find the shut off button and stick to it. Although my normal working time got cut short by other things (distracted reading emails) and short naps today.
I have thought about setting a timer and stopping work when it goes off. You will set a limit on the work and a limit on the distraction? That could split my "free" time between online work and work around the house or maybe taking 10 minutes out for myself.

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