Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Update, Secrets, Internet Marketing Secrets

Tomorrow we will be back to the Article Marketing information
Updates for this week:
Family - 3 of the 4 people (including myself) have some sort of cold or allergy thing going on. My husband has a dosey of cold and had to go into work today, as it's his partners day off. I have a runny nose that I am hoping stays just that. My little guy is the one that I worry about everytime he gets a runny nose or something it always turns into a cough and wheezing, see as how I have asthma I am concerned for him. I still have some cough/cold medicine left from the last time I took him to the doctor, if that doesn't help I will have to take him to our regular doctor and see what we can do for him. So the only one not sick is my older son, but he gets a little drip here and there.

Business - I have been getting some great click through rates for 1 particular product on my website and yet no purchases. This is really starting to frustrate me and I have tried many a different things. So I am still working on that.
I have been trying to work on my website and adding new information and have added an Internet Marketing Secret/Tools page which will showcase some sort of internet marketing tool every month. I have been going through alot of information and checking out helpful programs. I try to use mom networks stuff whenever possible. If you have any helpful places to get mommy resources and tools let me know.

So for my Wednesday share your secret day -
Check out The 7 Figure secrets I have been reading it and there are many helpful tips and secrets to making the money you deserve.

Go a secret tip for family or business you would like to share. Let me know.


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