Monday, May 12, 2008

Social Networking - MySpace

Not everyone can keep up with the social networking world today. I figured I would just point out the top few. Myspace was one of the first and one of the largest social networking sites out there. Alot of you probably already have an account or maybe not.

MySpace is a powerful online community which can take members virtually anywhere they want to go. MySpace was designed to allow members the opportunity to meet friends, reconnect with old friends, network. MySpace is an expansive community and there are members from all over the world. This gives members the ability to meet and connect with members from different countries. Although these friendships may remain online and never turn into face to face meetings they can give an individual a greater understanding of the world around them. Through MySpace friendships with members from other countries, individuals can learn about the struggles experienced in other countries as well as the benefits of living in other countries.

Members of this service are able to create personal websites which can be used to tell other members of the community about their interests. Additionally, members can include pictures, video and music on their websites. Members can also include a blog on their website which they can use to express their opinions, share their thoughts or vent about their personal affairs. All of these different components of MySpace enable members to let others learn more about them. The purpose of creating a website on MySpace may be to find career opportunities, just make friends or network with those who share their business interests. In all of these cases it is important for the individual to really sell themselves through their MySpace website so others will be interested in joining their group of friends or learning more about them.

The MySpace community provides members with a wealth of networking opportunities. Although these opportunities exist, it takes a savvy user to not only find others with whom they would like to network but also convince these users to join in the networking opportunity.

Individuals who sell Avon cosmetics can be considered as an example of the importance of networking online. These salespeople are prohibited by MySpace to selling their products through the MySpace website but they can certainly find other members interested in the sale or purchase of Avon products and network with these individuals. Entering the term, “Avon cosmetics” into the MySpace search feature may reveal a list of other websites which use this term. Members can review these websites and determine whether or not they believe networking with these individuals would be beneficial. If it seems as though it would be beneficial, the member can either place a comment on the website or send an email or instant message to the other member. This can help to get a conversation started and may lead to more meaningful interactions which may include sales techniques or other industry tips.

Go to MySpace here to set up an account.
Once you have created an account, here is a place to make your space look great.
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MySpace Social Networking Secrets

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Shoppers Hotline

Since we are participating in Mommyfest this week, I will try to gear my blogs towards helpful, useful information towards Mother's again.
Something I have been participating in now for almost a year is Shopper's Hotline.
Based in Chicago, Shoppers’ Hotline is the consumer market research panel of Information Resources Inc., one of America’s leading market research companies.
Shoppers’ Hotline was started in a handful of consumer retail markets in 1979 and now, over 25 years later, Shoppers’ Hotline has over 100,000 household members and represents consumers across the United States. By participating in Shoppers’ Hotline, you represent thousands of American households and provide manufacturers with valuable insights about consumer purchasing and attitudes.

How it works: You sign up for the program - once you get approved - Shopper's Hotline will send you a scanner to use. After your shopping trips you scan your items and enter a total, place the scanner back on the base and you are done till the next trip. You earn 4o points per week doing that, you can earn another 15 points per week recording prescriptions and/or free samples. They also send out surveys occasionally and all those points get added together and everytime you hit 625 pts you can request $10 on a debit card kinda thing. It's a small amount of work for a small amount of money, but every little bit helps.
They also have sweepstakes and stuff for scanning.

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