Thursday, July 3, 2008


I am a sucker for sweepstakes, so I thought once per week I would search out sweepstakes on the internet and let everyone know about them. I weed through and only post links that all you have to do is enter, nothing else is required of you. Always check the site for official rules and regulations for each sweepstakes. Don't forget you have to us the links to enter.
- Viz Pictures Contest - Viz Pictures is teaming up with us to give away two gift packages with a copy of NANA 2 on DVD plus a movie poster! Entries accepted until July 17, 2008. - This giveaway is for a $75 Gift Certificate and is open to legal US residents only. Only one winner will be chosen. This one began and ends today!!!!! - You could win $10,000 enter daily until July 6, 2008. US and DC only. - Enter-to-win a summer shopping spree from Olay and Marie Claire worth $500.00.

Better Homes & Gardens
- Family Getaway Sweepstakes Grand Prize $3000.00. You can also receive a free dvd on RVing if you wish. - enter for a chance to win a skechers summer shopping spree worth $1000.00. - take it on-the-road sweepstakes. Win an iPod Nano and an exclusive Audio Library Prize Pack. Plus many other prizes.

Here are some to get you stated, there a so many out there.

Tired of having to enter all that information on your own. I don't any longer. I use ROBOForm.
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Master Cleanse - Day 5-11

master cleanse book

Whew, I am done with the master cleanse. It really did run smooth. I did start breaking out the fruit about day 7, but it is accepted during the master cleanse. So all and all I did really good. I lost a total of approximately 10 lbs, just as the book described. Now some of that will come back, but with the cleanse I have trained myself to eat better so I should be able to continue eating healthy and losing weight. I just might use the master cleanse diet, which is included in the program - replace 1 meal per day with the lemonade drink. It really is quite tasty if you can handle the cayanne pepper. Now I did cut back the amount of pepper that I used during the master cleanse, because I couldn't handle it. The other thing I would truly recommend is a juicer - the manual kind - that has the cup underneath it. I ended up with many seeds in my drink doing it by hand. I will be on the lookout for one, to continue making the drink. I think everything still turned out. I am pretty proud of my successful completion and now I am ready to take on the world and a new blog layout.


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