Saturday, May 24, 2008

Customer Service Secret

Family: It was a great day and I am very tired, but all and all it was okay. We went to the zoo on Thursday (my 3yr old was finally feeling a bit better). It was a great day, a brown bear played peek-a-boo with us, we got to see a baby gorilla and other fun zoo stuff. Friday was just a day of funning around, and then date night. My husband and I went to a concert with some friends of ours. It was tons of fun and the theater (Sears Center - Hoffman Estates, IL) is really a nice place to go and is only 15 minutes from our house. But that is where all the fun ended, my 2yr old started getting sick and I was up with him from 11:30 till 2 or so, then back up again at 6:30am. It has become Murphy's law in my house that when mom goes out, the kids are up all night. It's not anyones fault, just my darn luck. I had a Lia Sophia party planned at my house that had to be canceled, my 2yr old seems to be better and we did get outside for awhile today, so hopefully we are back on the upward swing again.
My plan is to start the master cleanse on Monday, I will keep everyone up to date on my progress.

Secret of the day:
Secret Customer Service: Don't let this be your secret
Calling customer service these days if pretty hard to do. Customer service is said to be so important these days. So why is that it is so hard to find contact aka customer service information these day? Sure they will be happy to hand out a email address...
Check out this article from the Chicago Tribune, it says it all.

Calling customer service no longer a viable option

Customer service (also known as Client Service) is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.
So the question is are we providing the best service to our customer when we they can't contact us????
I have experienced this many times, I have a question about an online only company and have been unable to find anything but email or help ticket type customer service. So I go through all the faq, still no answer. I finally give in and send an email and 1 or two things happen
1. I never receive a respone
2. They don't actually answer my question
at this point, I generally remove my relationship with that company.
So the secret in this bountiful online market world, give the customers a way to contact you, that doesn't involve a computer. You shouldn't get than many calls, but you will build confidence - it works for me!

Seven steps to remarkable customer service - Joel on Software

Customer Service – 8 Rules For Good Customer Service


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