Friday, June 20, 2008

Life and the pursuit of cleaning

So it is Friday and I have a million things to do and not much time to do it. We are suppose to be going to the Elmhurst, IL Relay For Life, but now the weather is not looking so great again and I can't take two young boys out in the rain. I guess we just get ready and see what happens, it's a 45 minute drive I don't plan on leaving for an hour so it could be over or blow over. Who knows.
I did accomplish getting my office cleaned up this am. That always makes me feel better. I am generally an very neat and organized person but lately life has been getting in the way of that. I need to get more binders, sheet protectors, ink and paper. But everything has a place right now and that is good. I planned on getting some other cleaning done today also, but my computer gave me some problems and that ate up abunch of my time. Oh yay I made 1 sale yesterday. I know most of you guys are celebrating monthly checks, but I am still celebrating sale by sale. This is happy, yet sad.
I have a long list of items that need attention, autoresponders, website, wonderful web giveaway, blogging and I could list many more, but we all get the idea. Well I did get a blog post in!!!! You have to celebrate the little things.

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Money might just be a click away

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Wonderful Web Giveaway

The community at Wonderful Web Women have banded together with invited friends to create a collection of over 200 gifts for you. This is a really unique event which is only available for 3 weeks.

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There are so many great ideas and the value of the gifts is easily more than $ 10 000.

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