Thursday, May 8, 2008

Great Outdoors

Yesterday I posted an article about kids watching too much TV, okay so now what.
How about getting outside. How do we get our kids outside?

Start slowly - "National Wildlife Federation's education department recommends that kids get one "green hour" in the outdoors per day. It even that is too much start small go for a short walk around the block, stop at the mailbox and smell the flowers along the way.

Try a monthly excursion - It doesn't having something big or far away (although it can be). Talk a walk in a local nature area, or a botanical garden, or a not so local park. You can search for local parks, or try this NatureFind.

Cultivate curiosity - kids are more likely to get excited about nature "when they are captivated by a sense of mystery". Ask open ended questions to get your kids to start thinking and wanting to find the answer. Whose tracks are those? Where did that leaf come from?

Appeal to the senses - help your kids focus on the sensory experience. Smell, feel, sounds

Just don't forget the sunscreen, I bet you end up out there awhile.

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