Friday, June 13, 2008

Blog Directories

I just put my blog in the blogmama directory. It is always a great thing to get the help, support and resources from all the other Mom, WAHM, SAHM bloggers out there. Hope to see you there.
That leads me to thinking what other blog directories are there? These are not just for Mom's.

Blogarama -
Lists weblogs by category. Users are invited to post reviews.

Blog Catalog -
Sites are listed by category and can also be searched. Five are selected as top weblogs, along with a spotlight weblog.

Blogs Collection -
Grouped by category and country.

Bloggeries -
Categorized listing of weblogs from around the world.

Bloogz -
Search for weblogs by typing in a keyword. Choose from five languages.

Guardian Unlimited - Weblog Guide -,10627,744914,00.html
A "best of" selection of weblogs grouped by category.

BlogHop -
Portal matching weblogs with readers. Searchable and grouped by categories.

Blog Dirs -
Human edited weblog directory. Sites from all languages welcome.

BlogScholar -
Academicportal featuring a directory of academic weblogs as well as the latest news and trends.

Industry Blogs -
Cataloging the business blogosphere.

Human-edited directory.

High Class Blogs -
Nonprofit directory. Awards are given out at the end of each quarter for the best weblog in each category.

Blogoriffic -
Free weblog directory and blogger community.

The Ageless Project -
Web logs by birthdate. Includes screenshots of the front page of each weblog listed.

5 Star Blogs -
Human edited directory and search engine. English-language sites only, and no adult or illegal sites.

Blurt it! -
Free self moderated directory.

Quick Blog Directory -
Organized by category. -
Listed by popularity.

XHTML Friends Network -
Weblogs and personal sites organized by the personal links between them. XFN sites.

Kmax Blog Links -
Alphabetical list. Links to weblog related resources. Top 20 ranking of the most popular and frequently updated weblogs.

Blog Announce -
Free-for-all links listing for sites, organized by category.

TheVital.Net -
Free categorized and searchable directory for weblog and news sites. All entries are manually reviewed.

Blogadr -
Free listings, with no link back required. Human-edited directory of personal and corporate blogs.

BlogDir -
Free weblog directory, with no link back required. Human edited personal and company weblog directory.

Royal Artist Club -
Provides a place for bands to communicate directly with fans, without middlemen.

Bigger Blogger -
Free listings, sorted by category. -
A resource and reference site for web logging and weblogs.

Blog Flux Directory -
Based on tagging with related weblogs.

Blog Search Engine -
Search engine and directory listings of weblogs and tools. -
Human edited directory.
Searchable directory. Ranks the top 10 hottest sites in each category.

Bloggernity -
Searchable directory with a forum.

Blogs Rating -
Categorized by subject with ability for users to rate and post their comments about listed sites.

Blog Hot or Not -
View random weblogs and rate them from 1 to 10.

Blogdust -
Categorized listings sorted by topic.

Blog Point -
Categorized by topics.

BlogBunch -
Topical listings.

I2blog -
Categorizing bloggers by their country, interest, and zodiac signs.

BlogCharts -
Find weblogs by popularity or rating.

The Octopus Files -
Alphabetized listing includes excerpts from posts to give the reader an idea of what they're like.

Wutzle -
Allows users to rate listings in the directory.

Blog Ratings -
Allows users to post and read ratings and reviews of sites organized by topic. Part of the Ratingz network.

Blog Universe - general submission costs $4.99
Directory of weblogs as submitted and categorized by the site owners. Weblog, podcast, and video log directory. -
A weblog directory solely for British bloggers from all over the world.

Business Blog Directory -
A collection of business and corporate weblogs.

Sports Blogs -
Listing weblogs on sports.

Top 100 Bloggers -
General top weblog rankings. -
Categorizes by topic.

Blogtagstic -
Every weblog submitted is manually reviewed before inclusion. Searchable by tags.

Big Blog Media -
Containing articles and reviews.

Start4all: Weblogs -
Startpage with links of webloggers. This page contains bloggers all over the world with interesting stories. Also
links of famous webloggers and weblog tools, media, portals and meetings.
Delightful Blogs -
Collection of blogs written by and for women on a wide variety of topics.
Alliance Of The Anonymous -
Lists members who have posted the organization logo on their weblog.
BlogStreet -
Profiles, RSS ecosystem, and search.
Top Blogs -
A toplist-style ranking tool, where readers vote for their favorite weblogs.

Blog Toplist -
Categorized and sorted by popularity.
Blogoozle - costs $3 to submit listing

This should keep us busy.


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