Monday, July 21, 2008

Dare To Learn the Secrets of Affiliate Marketing

New online marketers tend get into affiliate marketing with some misconceptions. Here we will reveal the secret realities and facts of affiliate marketing.

The four basic secrets of affiliate marketing:

1) It is necessary for you to invest some money if you really want to succeed. You will need to have your own website, an autoresponder for your website and the ability to track your advertisements.

2) Affiliate Marketing will take some work and effort on your part.

3) You will always need to be learning and improving. Internet marketing is very dynamic, and there are always new ways of promoting your website. (Social Networking, Web2.0)

4) You need to have confidence and faith in yourself.

Secrets of affiliate marketing:
1. Always Cloak Your Affiliate Link. Whether it is a link you use in email marketing or a website link, be sure to hide the ugly looking link that tells the whole world it is an affiliate link. People get a bit sensitive and are not likely to click when they see that it is an affiliate link. Use affiliate cloaking tools or php redirects.

2. Use Article Marketing. Article marketing is a powerful workhorse in affiliate marketing and is one of the deadliest secrets of affiliate marketing used by the top affiliates. Brand yourself as an expert and you will have loyal customers. Not only so, your articles will drive targeted traffic from the search engines and indirectly from other related websites that post your article.

3. Target Specific Niche For Marketing. They target specific market niches rather than going for broad markets. It is easier for you to publish content that gets high ranking in the search engines for tight niches than broader markets as it can be overwhelmingly competitive with big established sites taking top spots in the search engines.

4. Create Presell Pages. Never send your prospect directly to the affiliate sales page. That is a big mistake made by newbie affiliates and even some veterans. Presell your prospect first with a review website or even some testimonials from past customers. This gives you a tremendous edge over others.

5. Follow Up With Your Prospect. While most affiliates would agree that driving traffic is a never-ending task and can be quite challenging even for experienced affiliates, many do not optimize their traffic. Many focus on bringing in fresh traffic but fail to capture them for follow up.

These secrets of affiliate marketing make a difference between struggling to pull in a good income and comfortably making hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Secrets of Affiliate Marketing Failure:

1. Perhaps the most common misconception about affiliate marketing is that one can rake in huge amounts of revenue simply by slapping up a low-quality website with no original content and tossing in some affiliate links.

2. Failue to promote yourself and your web site is a big part of ensuring the creation of affiliate income.

3. Another mistake is not choosing products that have some relevance to the content of your web site.

4. Keeping the same old look and the same old text with nothing new to entice people
back is a sure way to limit your chances at being a successful affiliate marketer.


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