Thursday, July 24, 2008

What a morning

Somehow I knew today would not be a good day, I just didn't expect this. Since my younger son was born, I have been convinced that he is going to be the one that gets my Asthma. I have had it my whole life and thanks to my parents have always been able to handle it and whatever it may bring. There have been a few signs here and there, running noses on a regular basis, very sensitive skin - which now has developed into a mild case of eczema. But since the spring has started this year he has really been showing some signs, that noone else wanted to see or as the doctors state they don't want to label him. He gets a stuffy nose that eventually turns into wheezing. The first time it happened I had taken him to the doctor for the cold that turned into a bad cough, after getting home and starting the meds he started wheezing. I called the office and they told me to wait it out. The second time it happened I waited it out but ended up spending half my night in the bathroom running a hot shower (the steam clears your lungs) just so he could get some sleep. So this week when he started the runny nose - I knew what was coming.
Jump to today now
This morning my son wakes up at 6 am wheezing and very labored breathing. This time I'm not letting just going to sit there and watch my child be unable to breath. The immediate care center by us opens at 8, so we hang out till then. I pack up the boys and off we go. I was in such a rush to leave that we didn't have breakfast and all I grabbed for the boys were their milks. I really didn't expect to be gone long. They checked him out and while we were there gave him two breathing treatments and an x-ray. The wonderful doctor make the treatment fun, he called it making dragon breath, so we had a little fun with that. Anyone who has used a nebulizer knows the fun they are not. After the second breathing treatment and he is still wheezing we are sent to ER. Luckily Dad shows up with some rations for us. There they end up having to take a new x-ray and he was given a third treatment. When were finally able to go home, he is not 100%, but he is feeling better and in much better spirits. Then off we go to drop off prescriptions to keep this under control until we can get back to our family doctor. So finally 5 1/2 hours later we are home, and boy am I behind.
I will have to say every person that we dealt with today was great with me and my son. It is so nice to atleast have people who take into consideration that they are dealing with a 2 yr old. Not to mention I had my 3 yr old.


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