Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Toot

Very short and sweet this week. I sold some affiliate products this week. Woo Hoo, now to just keep it comming.

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Blog Trip - Day 2 GAS

Gas here in Gilberts, IL has been around $3.95 to $4.05.
Although I have a Meijer CC and if I fill up at Meijer I get $.10 off every gallon and even if I don't fill up at Meijer I still get $.05 off.

Much to others dismay we own a large SUV, it makes life easier traveling with the two boys, stroller and whatever else. But, when we go out with other we try and take as many as we can fit to reduce other cars on the road. So gas prices has a huge impact on our family budget.

We have cut back tons on driving, of course that means not seeing friends and family as much as I would like too. I try and combine my trips and just go out less (which is actually a good thing for the wallet also).

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