Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rebate Checks

So the questions are being asked what are you going to do with your rebate check?
Starting May 2, some 130 million U.S. families and individuals will be getting tax rebate checks from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The are being sent out by the main (first) fillers SS#- not a half bad system.
The IRS says it began Direct Deposits of Rebate Checks Monday morning, to people whose Social Security Number ends in 00 through 20.
SS ends with 21-75? You'll get your deposit starting Friday May 2nd.
SS ending in 76-99? You'll receive yours starting Friday May 9th.
The stimulus payments will go out through the late spring and summer.

How do you complain if your rebate is incorrect?
Your best bet is to check the IRS website. Use their online calculator to figure your rebate. Still feel the check is wrong? Email or call the IRS. But be prepared to wait, if you are trying to get through by phone.

Again after you receive that money, what are you going to do with it?
Will you go shopping?
Some grocery stores are offering extra money if you use it to purchase a "gift card" for that particular store. I received a flier from Jewel today offering me an extra 10% on that gift card, but the minimum amount $300.00. Groceries is something I always need and spend money on anyways.

What other companies will offer deals? Who wants your money the most?

My mother wants to use her check for vacation (how about Disney). I wish!!!

How about putting it away for a rainy day, or maybe use it to make others happy - give big tips, have a dinner party, take your kids, spouse, partner out for the day. Tomorrow April 30, 2008 is Baskin Robins 31cent scoop night, you could take your whole block.
So many ideas and yet still not enough money.


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