Monday, March 3, 2008

Another day in the life

We are still chugging along and having fun. We are still working the system and trying to go along. It's going to take some time. Although I did get a mystery shopper job today. So I have gotten some revenue in the first 2 weeks. Its going to be slow going, as I am trying not to invest any more monines until I starting making money. There is alot more work to and not enough hours in the day. I tend to get enveloped in this work and my boys start running rampant. Then I feel like the rest of my "job" goes undone and I rush around at night trying to get it all done. I need to find the shut off button and stick to it. Although my normal working time got cut short by other things (distracted reading emails) and short naps today.
I have thought about setting a timer and stopping work when it goes off. You will set a limit on the work and a limit on the distraction? That could split my "free" time between online work and work around the house or maybe taking 10 minutes out for myself.

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