Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Study: Many moms are making infants dumber w/ TV & DVD's

It wasn't long ago that Baby Einstein DVD's were attacked & now studies say TV viewing of 2 years and under is dumbing down America. Social, motor, behavioral, cognitive and neural skills are being hurt by TV and DVD. On 5/5/08 Archives of Pediatric Adolescent Medicine study released figures that mothers were not interacting w/ infants at TV time.

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Tips and Tools

As we draw closer to mothers day, I think it only fitting to post about things that will help all mothers, stay at home, working, both, ect...

Here are some good links where moms can go for ideas, help, information, support or to vent.

Working Mom Support Group
Get Advice, Share Stories & Connect With Working Mothers Just Like You

Working Mother
Based on the magazine, provides businesswomen with tools, knowledge, and industry connections.

Stay At Home Moms Meetups, events, clubs and ...
Stay at Home Moms Meet nearby
! Come to a local Stay at Home Moms Meetup for friendship and reassurance, parenting and career advice, stories and fun.

Money saving ideas for frugal stay at home moms

Ideas, resources, and job opportunities for stay at home moms

Money tips for stay-at-home moms - TODAY 101 -

Oct 10, 2007 ... Sharon Epperson, author of "The Big Payoff," shares financial advice for women who take care of their kids full-time, or are thinking about ...

New Mom Tips – Advice for Moms – Fun Ideas for Moms
Get advice for moms and new mom tips with Learn about traveling with small children, activities for moms and children, easy money saving ...

Kids' Tools for Searching the Internet
A page of search input boxes from web search engines that have compiled and/or screened sites for content appropriate to children.

Children Tools: Elementary Grades

Children Tools: Elementary Grades. Kids Meeting Kids Organization Links and information concerning human rights for children. Kids Search Engine ...

There are so many places to find tools and tips on the internet. I have tried to cover a few different areas to give you an idea and a place to start.

Overall the best thing a mother can do is find some sort of support group - that could be family, friends, neighbors, local community or all of the above. If you don't have someone to talk to you just wont make it.


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