Monday, April 21, 2008

Dogs Anyone

Aside from starting up an online business and dealing with my 2 boys and the daily trials of being a stay at home mom. How about throwing a new pet into the mix, specifically a dog. Trying to do the right thing, we are making an attempt to adopt a dog. We search on a regular basis. It's fun searching through the dog lists and looking at picture, descriptions and thinking this one might work or maybe this one. Do you really drive around to all these different places to check them all out, with small children you have to bring the whole family for a meet and greet. We have gone to a couple of pet store, but most don't carry the larger dogs that we are looking for. We visited one shelter and they never let us know if our application was even approved.
So anyways along the way we have had times where the shelter questions or shows concern about what we are feeding our dog. Why is that? We always have given our animals what the vet recommended, isn't that enough? Well after doing some research, I guess not.
It's been all over the news and I just haven't been paying attention. It is becoming more and more clear that most commercial dog food isn't so great. I have been trying to find a source to help me unravel all of this information and found the Dog Food Secrets book to be a good source of information.
Now that we know how to feed out dog, we just have to keep working on finding the right dog.


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