Thursday, May 15, 2008


Last night I was speaking to my husband about MommyFest and how I am trying to make my posts for this week helpful and informative, and easily commented on (for the contest) and he suggested talking about the boys routines. I was like well maybe and not 5 minutes later I am going through my sons preschool orientation packet and there is a whole page on routines. So here I go.

A routine is an event that is completed on a regular basis, frequently involving a series of responses.

        • Schedule and routines are important because
          • They influence a child's emotional, cognitive and social development
          • They help children feel secure and comfortable
          • They help children understand the expectations of the environment
          • They help reduce the frequency of behavior problems
          • They can result in higher rates of child engagment
We have set up a very easy routine for nap and bedtime that are very similar and works well for use. I don't think details will help you , everyone is different - we read stories - but you could sing, cuddle, talk whatever works for you and your child. I think the important things are they remain as consistant as possible, sometimes babysitters think we are a little overboard with making sure they know the "routine" and follow it, but we rarely have problems with bedtime this way.
        • Remember:
          • A schedule that is followed consistently helps make settings more predictable for children and adults.
          • When planning activity scheduless, caregivers should consider the balance of activites
          • Longer play periods can result in higher levels of play behavior
          • There should be times when children are given a choice of activities
Do you have a good routine set up, or do you have any advice for routines????? (eToys Direct, Inc.)


Here is what I have to offer for my Mommyfest Contest on my blog.
How does at $75.00 Visa Gift card sound to you????

Here is how you enter.
Every comment of value received during MommyFest will get 1 entry to the contest (don't forget the leave name and email information)
If you provide a verifiable link from your blog/site to that will award you another entry in the contest (make sure you let me know, so I can check the link and again I need contact information).

At the end of MommyFest all entries will be placed in a hat and a name will be drawn for the winner. I will contact you via email to get shipping information. The prize will go out to the winner Saturday May 17, 2008. I will also post the winner on my blog the same, so check back at the end of the contest to see if you are the winner.
Odds of winning are based on number of entrants.


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