Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Recap Meme

Weekend Recap Meme

This was a week for thinking and struggling.
This week was a busy week although some things didn't get done. Next week might be worse, need to get back on track.

Monday was week 2 of Podcasting Bootcamp with Kelly McCausey. It is really an eye opening class. Kelly really makes you think about your purpose and be able to back it up.

I finished up changing over my autoresponder for my website. I worked on a domain name for my newest website and started doing some research.

I have accepted a challenge to write atleast 2000 words per week on my blog. Whew, last week was a bad blog week, I was so busy getting everything else done, that blogging just didn't happen.

I purchased a program that has to be loaded onto my hosting server, that is not going well for me. Hopefully I can get that taken care of this week.

I am still struggling with time, I have taken on multiple projects to try and start earning some income for the house, and really need to start spending some quality time completing those projects. But I am a SAHM first and no one can do this for me. Ugh Ugh I enjoy working and being a mom. I must strive to make it through these hard times and then the prize will mean so much more. I want it all and I want it now! At one time I made a schedule, I guess I need to review that now that I have added more projects and set up a new one.

I did get 3 or my 5 email account cleaned up. For the time being I have made the decision that I will be unable to do surveys and have set that aside to revisit when things are running more smoothly. While I enjoy doing them and you make some money, it's not in the range that I need to help with the household finances.

Until next time.


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