Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saga of the Big Boy Bed

So my husband and I decided that our eldest son (31/2) was ready for a Big Boy Bed. His toddler bed (once crib) converts to a regular bed. So we had been pumping up our little man about this for quite some time. Now that he doesn't wet the bed at night, he's ready.
First we find out we have to order the side rails to convert, those finally come in the mail - we're ready.
Saturday night we decide we should start the search for the mattress and box spring - in the pouring rain. Went to two stores and then home.
Sunday we start out trying to get sheets and stuff. Meijer's only has twin bed size in characters, but we get a nice set for our younger son (2) for his toddler bed, just so he doesn't feel left out.
We tried JCPenney no luck, we then went to Target - they had what we wanted and he went with Speed Racer.
Now, its really lunch time but we tried to go to one of our favorite sandwich shops, but sign on the door said closed due to economy. Sad.
On to the mattress store. Pick out the mattress, pay and decide it's going to take two trips to bring home.
Get home I start getting ready to wash all the new stuff, my younger guys set from Meijer's is missing the sheets. So now my husband has to stop and get something from another store for him - he ends up with Cars.
Get everything washed and bed put together (which was another challange, you have to take the end pieces off the side and switch them out with the end pieces of the "foot board" - not in the directions.
Start putting the clean sheets on bed and one of the pillow cases is ripped, luckily he only has one pillow.
But we are all together now and loving our new bed.
My question is - Is the quality of workmanship really getting that bad. I realize that I didn't go shopping at Macy's, but Target should have better quality.
And my son's set, I believe someone kept the sheets and returned the package with just the comforter, that is so dishonest. We did get our money back, no problems - BUT REALLY!


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