Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Secrets Wednesday

Do you have a secret tip or information to help our other readers out there?
Well then give it to us.

Today I picked two tools that might benefit you one for personal use and one for blogging/twitter.

Was looking through my emails today and found this
Ever wondered how you could harness the power of Twitter to drive massive amounts
of traffic to your sites - and how to convert that traffic into cash?

John Merrick and Soren Jordansen have just come up with the perfect solution for you,
with their new product called Tweet My Blog.

It's a Wordpress plugin that makes it super easy to combine the powers of Wordpress
and Twitter - driving massive amounts of traffic to your blog.

And the best part... It's 100% free!
I checked it out, it seems pretty cool. I don't currently use wordpress, but is seems worth checking out.
I signed up, I will be looking into wordpress in the future. They will try and upsell you, but the product that they are promoting is press with some bonuses. Check it out here.

AceMoney Lite is free account-management software. It will help you keep a tight rein on your spending habits, your stock portfolio, your 401(k), and your bill payments. With more than 100 transaction categories, support for password protection. Check it out here

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