Saturday, July 5, 2008

Weekend Re Cap

Alyssa Avant had the great idea to do a week in recap on her blog every Saturday night, that is such a great idea I thought I would join along.
Here is a recap of my goings on this past week.
I have been struggling with what direction my online business needs to take. I have been jumping around and not having a direction or a focus for my blog.
This week I have decided to cover two different areas of the internet in my blog and on the website. Although the paths will cross from time to time.
My website - the plan is to make is a place for people to find information and tools geared towards affiliate marketing, but I don't want to stop there, it will also be a place to find information to help with household items - I would like my website to be a place where you can get the tools and information you need to start an online business, and the tools and information you need to keep your home product while you start your new venture.
My blog - I really enjoy survey sites, sweepstakes and ppc (although this is more of an addiction, than a money maker). So I will explore those avenues of the internet world.
Those are the decisions I have come too this week.
But the best thing that happened this week is we got our new wonderful puppy on Friday. My camera would load the pictures on my computer, but I will get a picture up soon of our new addition.


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