Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap Meme

I have not been keeping my goal of 2000 words for my blog this week. As a matter of fact I believe for the last two week, I have not been a good blogger.

I have been working hard to get a new program up and running. Those who have read the blogs I have posted know that my son has been diagnosed with Asthma, which I also have myself. The doctor has put him on Singulair, again is what I have been taking for sometime now. It was pointed out to me that this drug can cause mental issues, so I will be looking into this because we do have some mental health related problems in the family. I have also been looking into more natural - drug free solutions for asthma.
So along with this, I am working on a site to help others who have small children or they themselves have asthma. This should be a venture that I can truly get into. My parents were very good about teaching me about and getting me into classes that taught me how to live with my Asthma. I hope to do the same for my child and others out there. For now you can go here to check out the book about drug free asthma treatments.

I have been revamping my first website - trying to find its focus. I like the site, but some experts say "needs focus" and "not ready".

I did spend some of my "free" time this weekend doing surveys and little junk like that. At the end of the day I enjoy it and although it's not going to pay my bill - I do make a little money and I just enjoy it.

Next week I will hopefully get back on track. The boys have a week off from gymnastics and music class is over, so I will have more time to work.


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