Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Secrets (helpful ones)

Sorry this is getting posted so late in the day, I am still trying to recover from my crazy day yesterday. I planned on talking about Facebook today, but changed my mind.
I have decided to try something different today. I originally was going to have a vent Friday or something like that, but again I have changed my mind. Isn't that what women are suppose to do? HAHAHA
So to help those who are looking for a comment of value for today, so you can enter my blog contest. Here we go
Lets share our secrets, no I don't want you to air your dirty laundry on my blog. Helpful secrets, tips, ideas that you use everyday to help with being a mother, going to work, getting things done or clean, ect....l I will try and make this a habit every wednesday, it's the middle of the week and we all need a break and maybe a few good secrets.

I'll will start of course:
To keep the floor mats in our vehicles new and clean, we put down towels in the winter time to protect them from the salt. You can then occasionally take them out and clean them. In case you are wondering yes we are that obsessive!!!!

Now how about you?

To go with our secrets theme, I found this site.
Free Secret Love Letters!


Katie said...

Ok, that is a fantastic idea! I don't know why it never occurred to me before. It would also be great for those beach days that come along.

My tip for any crafters out there who use ribbon : Find (or purchase if need be) some clothes pegs (not pins) and wrap your ribbon around them. Then, drop the pegs into canning jars and you have a handy and colorful way to store your ribbons.

Jenna said...

Hmmm a secret eh?

To help organize all the recipe cards you have laying around, I took an old coupon file and have the tabs labeled "Main, Appetizers, Fun Stuff" and so forth" This way I can slide it right into the drawer so it saves space and I can find things much easier!

I also love Clorox Wipes! I have one in every room because it's so quick to grab one out vs. grabbing a spray and towels. That way I can grab one as well to do some "quick fix" cleaning while I'm in each room (dust the tv, wipe down bathroom sink)

nessatxmom said...

My secret is about toothpaste. We keep a tube near the kitchen sink to use when washing our hands after handling harsh odor foods like fish, onion, garlic, etc. We always have toothpaste (thanks to CVS) and it works quite well. I actually just posted that tip on my blog. I also use it as a soft scrub type cleanser on the sink, have used it in a pinch to polish silver jewelry, and have used it to scrub stainless still pots & pans. Necessity is the mother of invention! Hope that helps!

CrystalGB said...

My tip is to save wrappers from stick margarine in a sandwich bag in the fridge and when you need to butter a pan/dish, you just grab one from the bag.

Kelley said...

Ha- we bought more car floor matts...they are on top of the origianl car matts ...the actual car matts have never seen the light of day. I think we may be just a bit more obsessive??
(actually...did not think of the towel thing...good idea..cheaper
;-0 )


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