Monday, May 12, 2008

Shoppers Hotline

Since we are participating in Mommyfest this week, I will try to gear my blogs towards helpful, useful information towards Mother's again.
Something I have been participating in now for almost a year is Shopper's Hotline.
Based in Chicago, Shoppers’ Hotline is the consumer market research panel of Information Resources Inc., one of America’s leading market research companies.
Shoppers’ Hotline was started in a handful of consumer retail markets in 1979 and now, over 25 years later, Shoppers’ Hotline has over 100,000 household members and represents consumers across the United States. By participating in Shoppers’ Hotline, you represent thousands of American households and provide manufacturers with valuable insights about consumer purchasing and attitudes.

How it works: You sign up for the program - once you get approved - Shopper's Hotline will send you a scanner to use. After your shopping trips you scan your items and enter a total, place the scanner back on the base and you are done till the next trip. You earn 4o points per week doing that, you can earn another 15 points per week recording prescriptions and/or free samples. They also send out surveys occasionally and all those points get added together and everytime you hit 625 pts you can request $10 on a debit card kinda thing. It's a small amount of work for a small amount of money, but every little bit helps.
They also have sweepstakes and stuff for scanning.

Don't forget about the Mommyfest Contest I am running. See post below.


Ginny said...

This program sounds great, I sent an email to them for information. Thanks!

Jenna said...

Shopper's Hotline definitely sounds like a great idea for those of us "trying" to be SAHMs. I will definitely be checking this out as well, shopping is something all of us do so why not get incentives for doing so!

nessatxmom said...

I will be checking this program out. Thank you for sharing! As you said, every little bit helps out.

CrystalGB said...

Sounds like an interesting program. I have never heard of it. Thanks for the information.

Katie said...

I emailed them today and sadly they don't need anyone in my area, but I'm hoping to hear from them real soon!


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