Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Definitly, Maybe

5 minutes for mom is having a contest. I am going to enter and you should too.

In honor of the June 24 DVD release of Definitely, Maybe, Universal Studios Home Entertainment wants to hear your proposal stories.

Here is our engagement story. Well our story is like a fairytale. My husband and I actually met when I was in 8th grade, yep that's correct. The problem was that he was 17 turning 18. We "dated" for only a few short months, but did our best to keep up our friendship. Over the years he would drop by and leave cards in the mailbox, at one point he actually came and met my mom and step father. But nothing really progressed until I decided to move away my senior year, to live with my father in TX. We both realized that we missed one another.

For Spring Break that year he flew me back to IL for the week and we hung out and decided that once I graduated he would come and get me in TX and I would come back to IL for a trial "visit". By the time that "visit" was over, he didn't want me to leave.

For my 18th birthday he took me to Lilaca Park in Lombard, IL on the way to meet his parents for dinner (his mother has the same birthday as I do). We walked through the park and we stopped at a park bench where he gave me his "present". The "present" was jewelry box, the funny part was I already had the same jewelry box so I was somewhat disappointed until I was asked the open the jewelry box and inside was my engagement ring. It was very romantic to me. Although he didn't get on one knee, we were dressed up and it was muddy, it was the best. We have been married for 15 years.

You can go to the Definitely, Maybe site and print a $5 off coupon.

Check out the contest at 5 minutes for mom and don't forget to enter.

The winner will receive a prize pack containing three romantic DVDs from Universal Studios: Definitely, Maybe; Love, Actually; and Notting Hill.


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Oh that's really sweet.


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