Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Master Cleanse Secrets - Step 2

master cleanse book

So as we continue on in my Master Cleanse Secret Adventure another day has come upon us and I proceed to step 2. As I have stated I did do a different cleanse many years ago and was happy with the results and when thinking back, I do believe it was after this cleanse that I was able to go off sweets and look better than I had for quite sometime.

First things first set a start date Monday 6/23/2008. I wanted to start sooner, but we are having company over the weekend and I might want a drink or two.

Second pick the length you want to do the Master Cleanse.
I plan on doing the whole 10 days, it will actually be 13 as I will do the 3 day easy in preparation.

Third I am suppose to start (very honestly) listing the reasons why I want to finish the Master Cleanse.
Yes my first goal is the weight loss, I know some will come back, but it's a starting point
I would love to cut back on the sweets and avoid the sugar highs and lows I experience
I just want to feel like I am doing something to better my health
As sense of accomplishment

Fourth I am suppose to start (very honestly) listing how not finishing the Master Cleanse will have negative effects on my life.
If I don't finish it I will feel like a failure
I won't lose the weight I have been trying to take off since January
I won't get a new dress for the wedding (that is my present to myself when I'm done)

I will keep adding to the list, Friday I will most likely go shopping for my ingredients, I should be able to find the items at Trader Joes (my local Jewel didn't seem to have the maple syrup).


Paige said...

Wow. Good luck with that cleanse. It sounds really hard.


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