Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap Meme

This being a holiday weekend, hopefully everyone worked hard and is able to take a little fun time.

Me on the other hand, I'm spending the weekend trying to catch up with my blog. I am participating in the a blog trip and don't want to be lacking in the content category.

I have been very busy this week learning and working. I updated my Secret Restaurant Recipes and if anyone has an opinion, please share your thoughts.

I have started trying to design my own websites with Kompozer. I used to think I knew what I was doing.

This was my week of dealing with problems
1. Problems with my mentor program not answering questions.
2. Problems with an upgrade not fulfilling it's promise (shouldn't I get my money back?)
3. Problems not getting some ebooks I ordered - actually got this one resolved. Thanks

Maybe next week I can get the other two resolved.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend? Maybe.

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Best Choice For Ebooks said...

Rick here from Thank you for mentioning us in your blog. We are glad we were able to resolve at least one of your issues this past weekend.
Wishing you success and happiness.
Best Choice For Ebooks


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