Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Blog Trip - Day 3 FOOD

We don't go out to eat very much (I like to make restaurant recipes at home). But we do have a few good places to eat when we do, we will skip right over the chain stuff - what fun would that be.

For Pizza - We love Randall Road House - we have never actually gone into the restaurant to eat - we order pizza, sandwiches and calzones for delivery. They are pricey compared to some of the others, but they really are the best.

For Italian - Biaggi's (this is a chain, but we really like it)- we go there sometimes for special occasions. Great food, great atmosphere. My husband loves the steaks and I got pasta the last time we were there.

For Mexican - Our favorite is La Campana (but they are back in the old neighborhood, don't get there very often) we do like our little hole in the wall El Faro though. We usually get steak tacos and sometimes my husband gets a burrito.

For breakfast - We eat at Burnt Toast very often. We love the name and the food. My boys always have to order burnt toast to eat, yes they really order toast and only toast to eat - it is too cute. We love everything about this place, the food, the staff, the location.

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Gin said...

Hi! stopping by for day 3. The food at Biaggi's looks yummy.

Ginny said...

Just stopping by, fun reading about the local food!

Bunny B said...

Mmmm...the post is making me hungry!

Charlene said...

I've been hungry all day!!

Parker Family said...

Burnt Toast--great name! I laughed when I saw that.

Mars said...

I'm here for the blog trip!

laura said...

Excellent variety of food! My favorite is mexican, so you're lucky to have 2 options to choose from. And I agree, I'd pay a little more for a better pizza/calzone.


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