Sunday, June 8, 2008

Filsaime Releases The 7 Figure Secrets And Gives it Away Free!

This was recommended by one of my mentors. I just received my free report and have read it several times already. Now I am a little late getting on board with this so you might need to act fast, last I checked there was a few left.Mike has such great information I just had to pass this along. There are upsells, of course, and most of them are very great offers, but just getting the free report is great.
Here is some background information about why he is giving it away for free.

Back in February of 2007, Mike Filsaime held a secret Private Workshop at an
undisclosed location.
Over 100 people paid $5000 for the Workshop.

He then took those DVD's (Which now sell for $1297) and sold it out in record
fashion in under 7 days to 2500 people. Since then... over 3000 people have paid
for that information.
The success stories that followed have changed the face of Internet Marketing.

(Filsaime, along with his 37 Staff Members, will do $10,000,000 this year in
sales and is credited with showing other marketers how to grow a 7 figure

Big Deal?

Recently, Mike hired a "TOP GUN" Internet Marketing Expert and Copywriter (That
also attended the event.)
Mike Paid this "TOP GUN" $25,000 to watch all 16 DVD's of "The 7 Figure Code" and
condense it into a Masterpiece...


An 85 Page report, no fluff, with all of the Gold nuggets, Pearls of Wisdom, and
action plans for you to get in a 1 hours' read.

That's right, what 100 people paid $5000 for, and had to sit through 3 days, you
will get all of the information crammed into 1 report that you can read in 1



That is right, Mike Filsaime was going to sell it for $297.00 and was planning
on selling 3000 copies in 7 days.
They are already printed, spiral bound, and sitting at the warehouse ready to
But Mike has decided to ship it to you for...
*** Free *** (Only While supplies Last.)
All Mike Asks is that you pay the shipping (about $8 or so)
That is it. You do NOT have to buy it. You simply tell him where to ship it and
he will send it to you for... nothing, zip, nada!
>>> Mike was going to upsell the 18 Full Color Process Maps. ($197 Value)
Mike hired the best Internet Marketing experts on Process Mapping, Rich
Schefrens' Strategic Profits, to produce these process maps based on each DVD...
18 in all.
Mike has decided to move the FREELINE even further and give you access to these
for Free too (also VERY limited time)
And to prove that Mike has lost his mind (and has clearly landed on the North
Pole of Mars,) he is also giving you is best selling
"The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript 2.0" ($97 Value) for Free as well! (I have started to read this too.)
So here is a RECAP of what you get Free

- The 7 Figure Secrets Printed and Shipped to you Door
- The 18 Full Color Process Maps
- The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript Version 2.0

Limited Time and ONLY while supplies last...

So, if you want to GET your hands on The 7 Figure Secrets, go
NOW to: Click Here

You have the back ground now here is the reason:

By joining, you will receive a membership of his new
color-printed, mail magazine which costs $29.95/month after the
first trial month.

AH! OK, so this makes a little more sense!
So I asked:
"How hard will it be to cancel if I don't want the magazine

They replied that the cancellation process will be very
simple, well documented, and supported by a full time call
center. You many cancel anytime.

"Why are you doing this?" - I asked...

They replied that they are trying to build their client
base for the magazine fast to create some legitimacy for
the future. The 7 Figure Secretes and Butterfly Marketing
Transcript give-away is temporary and only for the launch.

If you are still interested. What I did was write down the CS number to make sure I have it, just in case I don't care for the magazine trial.

Are you still interested, it really is a great offer.
Secure your copy here...
Click Here


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