Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kick in the be thankful

Last night while I was starting to prepare to make dinner for my husband and myself - I opened up a cabinet and got a little kick in the be thankful for what you have.
The Reason:
This cabinet that I opened was our "snack" food cabinet, because I don't have enough room in the pantry, and it is loaded with food to eat. We have animal crackers, granola bars, fruit snacks, chips, popcorn ....

Most days lately I walk around in a daze of stress and confusion. Why we can't seem to get things right lately. My husband and I are both working our rears off to keep on keeping on and yet we are not making ends meet. I feel the pressure on me to get this Internet Marketing up and running, plus keep up the household, animals and foremost my children.
We have invested too much money into training in the Internet Marketing arena and still not seeing the spoils. Although it makes me press on, I need to start earning some money, we are much to invested in this now to just walk away. I often ask if this is really what I should be doing? I always praise God when I do make a sale, but at the same time blame him when I don't. In the end though I blame myself and struggle to keep my confidence up.

So back to the snacks, how can I complain when I have a cabinet full of "snacks" for myself and my children. A beautiful house to live in, a vehicle to drive and a family worth risking it all for.
"I know I should praise God everyday for what I do have and stress less about what we don't." I must repeat this to myself every minute, hour, day.


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