Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Diagnosis - Asthma

Well many of you may have read about my really bad Thursday a few weeks back. If not you can read about it here.
What a morning

So last Tuesday we had our follow-up visit with our family doctor. I was a little nervous about the appointment. I knew something needed to be done for my son, but most doctors nowadays don't want to "label" children at this age (21/2). I also had my checkup scheduled at the same time, so over all it wasn't going to be a good visit.

Well for all my worrying and trouble, the appointment for my son went better than planned. My doctor agreed with my personal diagnosis and agreed to putting my son on medication. We are trying out singulair - which is what I am on. The doctor said just like heredity of diseases, heredity can hold true for treatment also. Plus I really didn't like the idea of using a steroid for daily use, although growing up that was all that was used on me.

Along with that she gave me a nasal spray for those times we know we are going to be spending more time outside.

So there we have it. I have been doing some research online, asthma treatments have change alot since I was a kid. I do miss the days of just getting a shot of adrenaline (haha). We will see what I come up with.

I am looking into a no drug theory current, it would be great for myself and my son if we didn't have to take drugs - oh and save some money too. We will see.


Anonymous said...

Look at medications.com and do some reading on the comments about singulair. It's scary. I'm one of those parents who had given my son singulair for years not knowing the side effects were causing all sorts of mental issues. Thank goodness, the FDA is now looking into it and hopefully it will get a blackbox label. It's just too bad kids have had to die. Suicide is one of the side effects. I would seriously look into something else preventive. Also, we used Asthmaplex from Emerson Ecologics (prescribed by out naturopath). It worked great after about 6 weeks. Just antiinflammatory herbs. He was off everything for about six months, then he started complaining about the herbal taste when he would burp. He started taking papaya pills with it in the am about 1/2 hour prior. I've gotta go at work now, but I can't just not say anything when I see people giving this medicine to thier kids. It's really kinda scary.

Good luck.

Ginny said...

My girls are both on that & Asmanex. Pulmicort worked really well when my youngest was under 6, actually worked the best but our insurance won't pay for it now that she is 7, so she suffers with wheezing & coughing.

My oldest, it took years to get diagnosed, like 7 or 8! My youngest was hospitalized with her very first attack at 4, that was the only reason she was helped quickly.

I heard that caffeine works really well for asthma. My daughters theater teacher has to drink tons of coffee to control hers because she is allergic to all the meds. When she tries to cut down because she feels guilty drinking so much, she gets her symptoms back. Whenever we forget our inhaler, we try some pop for a quick fix.

Good luck.


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