Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blog Trip - Day 4 Shopping

Shopping: Where do I begin, we are very lucky in this area.

Outlet Malls: Huntley Outlet Mall - while it might not be the biggest or the best - its great for clothes and shoes and it's only 5-8 minutes from our house.

We have 3 Target's, Walmart's and Kohl's, 2 Meijers, Best Buys and JCPenney's within 10 minutes of our house.

We also have an indoor and outdoor mall within 10 minutes, I really like the outdoor mall, just hard to shop in the winter. But they also have some uncommon stores that you wouldn't probably find in a normal mall. Office Max, Best Buy, Trader Joes.

Woodman's is a great grocery store around here, if you don't like the chain stuff. Sometimes it's too big for me.

The only thing we are missing close to home is the small down town shops like downtown Glen Ellyn, Wheaton or Bloomingdale. Although it's not too far of a drive to visit these shops.

We are also close enough to the mag mile of Chicago and Long Grove to visit when the desire arises.

I'm sure I have missed a few along the way but these are places that I shop at.

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Bunny B said...

Your place is near very nice malls! :) How lucky!

Robin said...

I started my blog trip today too. Hope you'll stop by. Nice blog too. Robin

Gin said...

I think outlet stores are the best. I get a lot of saving when I shop at one.

Good day!

Parker Family said...

I love the outlet malls. Sometimes you have to look for the great deals, but then when you find a pair of Gap jeans for $6 it's worth it!

laura said...

Wow- good shopping! You rang a couple of my bells... outlet malls, target and outdoor malls. Fun!!


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