Monday, October 27, 2008

WAH - Letters to Santa

Just Add Sweat Guide to Start a Santa Letter Business

If every kid loves sending letters to Santa, imagine how delighted they’d be to actually RECEIVE a letter from Santa. Of course, Santa is a very busy guy, so he needs helpers to get his letters out and thus, the growing opportunity for starting a Santa Letter Business from home.

The “Just Add Sweat Guide to Start a Santa Letter Business” offers a very good overview with handy tools to break into the business.

The package includes:

- An instantly downloadable and printable e-guide.
- 10 sample letters that you can use for your business.
- Spreadsheets to help you track sales, costs and profits.
- Free printable sheets that you can add to the letters you sell.


Instant download with PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader), .doc (Microsoft Word), .xls (Microsoft Excel). If you don’t have Microsoft Office, you can easily use Google Docs to open the files and it’s free.


The guide includes a bunch of topics including -

  • How a Santa Letter Business works and what’s involved.
  • Who business is suitable for and skills that will come in handy.
  • Required and optional equipment and supplies.
  • How to get special North Pole postmarks for your letter for added authenticity.
  • Understanding and setting yourself apart from the competition
  • Pricing your product.
  • Putting together letters that parents and kids will be glad to receive.
  • Theme letter ideas (ex. baby’s first birthday, new home, etc.) – plus templates are included with your purchase.
  • Business startup checklist.

Extra Stuff:

The guide and all the goodies actually come with lifetime updates, so anytime they update anything, you automatically get the updates without any extra charge.


The guide itself already covers a decent amount of detail in getting started with the business, but the extra tools like the sample letters and spreadsheets should make it easy for anyone to get started.

Where to Buy:
Click here to visit the Just Add Sweat website and learn more


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